Online ticketing that anyone can manage

All you have to do is sign up and create an event page, prettying it up with photos, colours and logos that convey your brand or business. Then you’ll need to create a seating profile, set a ticket price, and add in any other guest details you might need. Send the link off to potential guests and use EventBookings to track visits, take payments and generate reports to improve your conversion rate the next time around.

The process is as straightforward as possible, with no downloads or upfront payments. In fact, EventBookings is completely free to use! With our straightforward, highly customisable system, you can design an engaging event page that draws visitors in and makes the ticket-buying process simple.

Create Event Ticketing Website and design your event - EventBookings
Create Your Site
  • Sign up for your account and get started in a few simple clicks!
  • Design the look and feel of your site and select your custom URL
  • Add your text, logos, branding and colours and customise your page as much or as little as you like
Design Your Event
  • Choose between allocated seating or general admission
  • Set ticket prices for different sections
  • Choose to collect as much or as little information from attendees as required
  • Purchase and sign in security can be set and determined by date of birth, name, attendee ID or a combination
What are you waiting for? Start now It’s free to sign up