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EventBookings’ pricing model essentially allows you to use the system free-of-charge, with the cost being passed onto your attendees as a part of the ticket price. This means that your use of the system is only paid for once you start selling tickets! That’s part of the reason the EventBookings team will do whatever it takes to make your event a success, with various marketing and analytics tools available all from the backend of your event page.

You Pay

Credit / Debit Card Processing Fees May Apply

Your Customer Pays
50c USD+ 2.50 %
Per ticket sold

All Displayed Fees Include Applicable Tax

Secure and simple payment

EventBookings’ payment system is easy and straightforward, it’s just a matter of signing up with Stripe and adding your credit card details in your EventBookings dashboard. You’ll then be set up to take payments on your event page!

Please watch the explanation video for details

Event Ticket Pricing - EventBookings

Ticket Calculator

Add the Number of tickets your are selling and the price per ticket

Number of tickets sold
Price per ticket

Per Ticket Attendees Pay
Estimated Revenue

Affordable – For You

If you’re worried about passing on the cost of using the software to your attendees, you’ll be pleased to hear that this adds very little to the total price. A fee for debit and credit card use will also be applied by the third-party payment processor which is paid by event organisers. With EventBookings’ highly affordable pricing model, you can allocate more of your budget to marketing and/or improving the event itself.

Flexible – As Per Requirement

There are a number of different considerations you will make when deciding on a ticket price; the costs you need to cover for the event, demand, your target demographic and how much funding you have for marketing. EventBookings allows you to charge as much or as little as you like for tickets, as well as providing a refund option should one of your guests not be able to make it. In the case of free events, the first 100 tickets sold will not attract any fees, with a 50 cents per guest charge being applied for additional attendees using the system is paid by event organisers. The pricing tool and options offered by the EventBookings software and highly flexible, putting the power in your hands.

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